El Centro de los Ninos is an accredited child education and development center in Northern New Mexico, offering early childhood education, inclusive special education programs and collaborative family health services.
El Centro de los Ninos Child Development Center early education navigation to the educational mission and philosophy, curriculum, teaching and other staff, board members, daily educational schedule for childre, infants and toddlers, special events at the center, the lunch menu. The Center offers thanks to their supporters, indicates ways in which support can be given, provides local educational and other resources, and provides contact information to reach the center.
Your Support Helps Young Children Meet Their Full Potential

ou can make a difference with a tax deductible donation to El Centro de los Ninos Child Development Center. It has become increasingly clear over the last ten years that early child development is the foundation of life long success or struggle. Prenatal care has been stressed for decades and is critical for life long health and development. New research has focused on the importance of building brain power and capacity from infancy. Children
who are given early opportunities to experience a wide variety of experiences and stimuli in the care of individuals who build trusting relationships with them are those children who make the greatest strides in academic as well as social skills.

All families want their children to grow up to be resilient, healthy and happy individuals who are at home in their community. Raising our children is a journey in which we all deserve support. The Center has supported area families in Northern Rio Arriba County, from Canjilón to Chama, since 2001. As the grant community

Financial contributions, adopt a classroom gifts and donations of useful items from our wish list can be handled through our main Center office. For these gifts, please contact Carla Martinez at 575.588.0106 or Marya Roddis at 575.756.1738. See our Contact Page for more information.

The New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) holds our Endowment Fund. This ensures that the endowment fund is professionally managed, regularly reported on, and protected as a fund separate from the assets of ECDLN. You can contact NMCF regarding estate planning options. They can help with acceptance of unusual gifts, such as real estate, securities and bequests.

Life Income (Charitable Remainder) Trusts can be established through NMCF for the benefit of the ECDLN Endowment Fund. NMCF is happy to conduct meetings anonymously with donors’ financial advisors to ensure your privacy. To explore your options for helping El Centro, please contact Michael Chamberlain at NMCF at 404.820.6860. You can also learn more at nmcf.org.

Thank you for making your contribution to El Centro today, so that we can continue to provide an exceptional, well-balanced, culturally-minded program for our community.

El Centro is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization in good standing with the NM Attorney General’s Office and the NM Public Regulation Commission.

El Centro de los Ninos - Where learning is fun!

Photos of children at El Centro de los Ninos show a toddler beading, a child holding up a drawing, two boys sharing a laugh, and a toddler napping
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